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Wyatt has visited Purgatory more than any other recorded subject, join him on his penultimate venture to Purgatory with the intention of setting his soul free from the endless suffering that he has faced since he was a young child. With four endings in sight, only one is the true ending, will you endeavour to help Wyatt set himself free?

Wyatt is a young adult who has spent the majority of his life constantly visiting Purgatory, forced to do so by his parents, who hope its mysterious properties can heal their son of his numerous afflictions, including diseases and cancers. Wyatt has been tasked with researching The Sorrowvirus and the Anomalies in the hopes of furthering his parent's research. But some people want to save Wyatt from his constant torment and allow him to escape Purgatory forever.


  • Faceless: The Sorrowvirus contains an original OST by David Denyer, with accompanying sound design by John Pata.
  • Each instance of gameplay will result in different dialogues to help you find the true ending, as well as discover more of the story behind Faceless.
  • Elements have been extracted from the main game, giving you an idea as to the scenery of the partially derelict Wakeland City that will be seen in Faceless.


  • Adam Sklar - Project Lead, Level Designer, Writer.
  • Ángel Cruz Rodríguez - 3D Modeller.
  • David Denyer - Music Composer.
  • John Pata - Sound Designer.
  • Natacha Rollin Abstado - Animator.
  • Vinícius Rodrigues dos Santos - Programmer.

Cast (in order of appearance):

Wyatt Heyll: 8-BitRyan
Renee Heyll: Julie Berry
Caleb Heyll: Jon Strickland
Cassandra Noble: Heather Masters
Alice McLeod: Bella Driessen
Elijah Grey: Sam A. Mowry
Rosco Heller: Adrian Vaughan
Daniel North: Adam Sklar

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Thank you to those who have been patient so far with us, we know that a few of you have been extremely impatient for Faceless. Game development is hard, especially for those of us who have had no prior experience! We wanted to create this demo so that you could experience something that was real, an introduction into the vast world of Faceless. This hasn't delayed development of the main game because this story was going to be part of one of the Wakeland Stories (Short single player stories) in the full game.

Release date Feb 28, 2019
Made withUnreal Engine
Tagsfaceless, Mystery, supernatural, Unreal Engine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
LinksSteam, Steam, Twitter


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Sorrowvirus v1.0.4 6 GB
Version 5

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Been checking on Faceless for a while now, but only recently saw the Sorrowvirus demo was up. So far, I am loving what I'm seeing in it. The visuals are fantastic, and the world shifting mechanic and subtle way the game distracts you when it happens works so very well. Not to mention the dolls look pretty cool. Very...merch-able, heh.

Great job, devs. I knew long ago this game had lots of potential.

Hey Skydjinn! Thank you so much for the kind words and for sharing your video with us! I really enjoyed watching it and I hope to see you play more of it and potentially discover all the endings! Our monster, the Soulrender, can be seen in secret areas but it's not an antagonist of this Short Story. Thank you again!

And thank you for making the game/demo. I'll definitely be doing another episode so I can finish the story and will likely do a livestream for checking out the other endings. It's too pretty to only play once.

I finally got around to streaming it for the other endings. However, it didn't go well. Apparently, the game still has a few bugs to be worked out that absolutely prevented me from reaching an ending. Here's the recording, I think the worst starts about an hour in:

Any answers for why this happened?

Part 2!

While not outright "scary," this was a good story for building a horror world. And while visuals don't always mean much to me, I love how this game looks and how it twists the world around the player. Keep up the good work, devs.

I enjoyed this one, can't wait to see more.

Thank you for playing The Sorrowvirus: A Faceless Short Story and sharing your gameplay with us! The other endings are indeed reliant upon those locked doors, you may find combinations in notes, or hidden behind certain Dolls!


AMAZING, loved playing this! it's really awesome so far and I found a few other endings it's great how things change the more you play, great job  really looking forward to whats next! (:

loved the game very fun and interesting story! liked the puzzles and concept kinda reminded me of bioshock. cant wait for more games form you!!

So I played this game again to get a different ending and while I did get a different ending to the game, the gameplay was pretty much the same. I will play again to get the other 2 ending that I have not gotten yet but I am running out of ideas of what to do to get the other two endings. Maybe a hint would be nice but no spoilers. I hope you enjoy part 2 

the jumpscares were very unexpected! really great game!

Really loved how the game looks, the dolls and the ambience in the game are amazing.

Now i can't wait for Faceless to fully experience this game. Amazing job everyone!

Hi! This game is pure gold! the graphics are astonishing and it's way more than a normal jumpscare game, loved the story and the dialogues! keep it up guys! 

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Gave it a go...


This game is a fking treasuire .. Great game .

Impressive world and definitely one that will be great to see more of. Good luck with the Indiegogo campaign, you have a solid project here. Keep up the awesome work!


This game is absolutly amazing. Pure gold. It has an Interesting story and isn't that focused on cheap jumpscares that makes it into almost every single horror game. This is very refreashing and I am glad I was lucky enough to play this before it got way too much notariety so I could experience this game for myself. I am definitely going to return to this game and try to find all 4 endings because this game deserves so much praise. Nothing was wrong or out of place apart from some of the tedious collection parts thoughout the game but they were nothing too hard that the player isn't able to figure out. I hope the full game goes well ebcause I cannot wait to play Faceless. Good luck in your development and I hope you enjoy the video.

Thank you for playing The Sorrowvirus! We really appreciate the kind comments, they mean a lot. I look forward to watching your video as soon as possible!

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Shocking encounter, more scary than I thought.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer